Monday, 27 February 2012

Latest GAME OF THRONES S2 trailer

Here's the latest and longest trailer for Season 2 of Game of Thrones:

This trailer is the most interesting yet. We see the red comet, one of Daenerys's dragons, what appears to be a CGI-enhanced (or totally CGI) direwolf and plenty of scenes of combat. This season is the 'season of battles' apparently, with more of Robb's campaign in the Westerlands being shown (possibly at the expense of Riverrun and the other members of House Tully, who appear have been pushed back to Season 3). Somewhat controversially, we also see Robb's meeting with Jeyne, something that happens in the timeline of A Clash of Kings, but firmly off-page. We also see the parley between Stannis and Renly and we see more of Daenerys in Qarth. Beyond the Wall we see Jon Snow and Jeor Mormont having doom-laden conversations, but also get some dialogue from Qhorin Halfhand. The meat of the season should be Tyrion's antics in King's Landing, and we get some interesting dialogue from Littlefinger, Varys and Cersei, as well as a shot of Tyrion handling a vial of poison (despite the green colour, I'm assuming wildfire won't be stored in perfume bottles). Finally there's a fair bit of battle imagery (this is the 'season of battles', apparently), including archers lining up on the walls of King's Landing, skiffs crossing the Blackwater, a boat on fire and soldiers fighting in a courtyard.

All good stuff. The season debuts on 1 April on HBO in the USA and the following day on Sky Atlantic in the UK.


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Gabriele Campbell said...

Maybe the perfume bottle with wildfire is the Westeros version of a cigarette lighter. :)

Laura said...

It's wildfire. Fragile clay globes changed to glass globes on screen makes sense to me. Why would it be poison? How would you sneak eerily glowing green stuff into someone's drink?