Monday, 5 December 2016

MECHWARRIOR 5 announced

Piranah Games have announced MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, a new addition to the venerable battlemech combat game series.

The new game begins in 3015 AD and is set during the Third Succession War. Players will control massive battlemechs in a branching single-player campaign, along with robust multiplayer options. Previous MechWarrior games - the first was released in 1989 - have been critically acclaimed, particularly the second and fourth games, for their mixture of action and tactical planning. Piranha previously planned a reboot of the series in 2008 before it transformed into MechWarrior Online, a free-to-play game that has had a mixed critical response.

Jordan Weisman, the original co-creator of the BattleTech and MechWarrior games, is working on his own turn-based strategy game, BattleTech, for release in 2017.

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RobH said...

From what I was reading the game will span the entire period from 3015 until the Clan Invasion in 3049, when they're hoping that the player will control a company strength unit of up to 12 battlemechs and be able to take on the most difficult assignments that the Great Houses can offer. So you really work your way up from having a single, ancient mech -- the one in the video could have been 500 years old -- to being able to scavenge some of the latest technologies.

I'm quite excited about the prospect of a newer Mechwarrior game since I remember the others so fondly.