Sunday, 19 September 2010


An enterprising video editor has combined the trailer for Tim Schafer's classic platformer Psychonauts with dialogue from the Christopher Nolan movie Inception. The result is something quite entertaining:

Both the game and film involve people manipulating and invading dreams, making the match work well.

Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun.


Jebus said...

Best Inception pisstake is the Incepcion version with Dora the Explorer - "Can you say: bwaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr?" bwaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr "VERY GOOD!!!"


Anonymous said...

apparently that not the only thing that's simiiler to inception. a scrooge mcduck disney comic book with nearly the same premise (also earily similer in terms of story elements and how events happen) has been floating around the internet lately.

I guess christopher nolan didn't have the time to state ALL of his influences (inception is still awesome, by the way).