Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Welcoming the Iceberg Ink Blog

New SFF blogs are ten-a-penny these days, but Iceberg Ink is worth a look as it's been launched by Scott 'QuickTidal', a stalwart contributor over at Malazanempire. The blog looks set to cover a variety of books and comics and, intriguingly, the organisers are willing to accept submissions from people who fancy the idea of writing reviews but not running a blog full-time. Contact details are available via the blog or the thread linked at Malazanempire.

Good luck to Chris, Scott and their future collaborators!

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GunMetalBlue said...

Thanks Adam!

This post means a great deal, and I really like cross blog promotion, as we sci-fi-fantasy-folk gotta stick together. ;)

Coincidentally, I read your reviews very frequently and have picked up more than one book based on your reviews.