Monday, 17 January 2011

The Iron Throne

HBO have released their latest trailer for Game of Thrones, which sees various characters sitting on the Iron Throne and a sprinkling of dialogue from the series. It's pretty dark and intense.

HBO confirm the 17 April premiere date at the end.


Aizaz said...

HBO is marketing this this thing as a struggle of power, and I think that will be the wisest strategy in order to lure in those who would typically shy away from a fantasy show. Oh and they get bonus bonus for including Ghost, along with Jon, when the North's favorite bastard is sitting on the Iron Throne, which itself looks like a beautiful monstrosity.

Also, I had always always imagined Kevin McKidd as Jaime Lannister but that image of Coster Waldau sitting on the Iron Throne has officially solidified him as the Kingslayer.

Still a bit iffy on Headley as Cersei though.

LordWalker said...

The Iron Throne looks incredible....may have peed a little bit.

JoshC said...

Marketing the show as a struggle for power isn't just the wisest choice but also the most accurate. The vast majority of the books (particularly the first one on which this series/season is based) focuses on the power struggle between the various claimants to the throne and has only minimal traditional fantasy elements within it (so far anyway). The same story could easily have been told in a real world historical setting.

I agree with Aizaz about Lena Headey. If Jennifer Ehle couldn't play Caitlyn Stark then having her as Cersei would have been great, you only have to see her performance in The Camomile Lawn to know that she can play the manipulative blonde character very well.

Anonymous said...

at the very end is it aerys talking to jamie?

Adam Whitehead said...

At the end is Jaime talking to Cersei. It's apparently a reworked line of dialogue from Book 3 they've brought up to Season 1 instead.

Jebus said...

Lena Headey is gonna be freakin' AWESOME as Cersei, I've adored that woman for years and she can do no wrong. I think she's perfectly cast.