Friday, 7 January 2011


Lucasfilm will be releasing all six Star Wars films on Blu-Ray in September 2011. The films will be available as a six-film set or two three-film sets. At the moment it sounds like the Original Trilogy will be released in its Special Edition format.

Torchwood: The New World (aka Season 4 of Torchwood) will begin airing on 1 July 2011, on BBC-1 in the UK and on Starz in USA. The new season, a UK-US co-production between the BBC and Starz, starts filming next week and picks up the adventures of Captain Jack and Gwen following the events of the Children of Earth mini-series. The new season will be filmed in both the UK and USA.

HBO have been touting Game of Thrones to the LA press pack over the past two days and over the weekend as part of their presentations to the TCA (Television Critics Association). The response so far has been pretty positive. Winter is Coming is covering the salient information, whilst TV Squad has an early reaction to the footage screened so far. HBO have also promised new screenshots will be made available over the weekend.

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Ausir said...

Actually, it's just been announced that the 4th season will be titled "Miracle Day", not "The New World" after all.