Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fan-made TERMINATOR trailer better than real thing

There's a new Terminator film out in a couple of months, but I've so far avoided learning anything about it because it seemed about as needed as a new outbreak of diphtheria. This may have been a mistake, because it looks gloriously nutty, revelling in the insanely convoluted backstory of the previous films. This fan trailer is not only funny, but it kind of actually makes sense (almost) of the history outlined in the first three films (but wisely ignoring Salvation, like the rest of humankind).

Both the serious and fan trailers hint at the natural endpoint of the Terminator franchise: a universe in which SkyNet and the rebels have sent back Terminators to all points of history to kill all of the ancestors of the Connors going back to single-celled organisms. The result is a place where there are millions of Arnies occupying all points of the space/time continuum, fighting one another with shotguns. Forever.

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