Monday, 2 January 2017

SENLIN ASCENDS now available in hardcover

The two best books I read in 2016 were the first two volumes of The Books of Babel by Josiah Bancroft, Senlin Ascends and Arm of the Sphinx. The third (of, at the moment, a planned series of four), The Hod King, will hopefully be published in 2017 and is my most eagerly awaited book of the year.

The author has now prepared a hardcover edition of the novel via Amazon. This features a map of the Tower and its lower ringdoms. It's available now via, although not via (yet). You can also contact Josiah via his website to order directly.

If this is a big success, I assume that hardcover editions of Arm of the Sphinx and (eventually) the later books will follow.

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Unknown said...

Thanks, Adam, for helping me to spread the news. I definitely have plans to pursue a hardback of Arm of the Sphinx in the near future. Happy New Year, sir!