Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Blogging Roundup: 11 July to 9 September 2019

The Wertzone
LORD OF THE RINGS: THE SECOND AGE adds a new castmember
WHEEL OF TIME TV series casts Lan Mandragoran
EARTHSEA books heading back to the screen
HOMEWORLD 3 formally announced
New CYBERPUNK 2077 gameplay video shows contrasting playstyles
HIS DARK MATERIALS confirms actors for Iorek and the daemons
Live-action DISCWORLD TV series casts Captain Carrot
Netflix's AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER reboot beings pre-production
WITCHER TV series targeting October/November release date
New GORMENGHAST TV series greenlit at Showtime
The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer to be renamed
Developers tease new HOMEWORLD project
Off to WorldCon & EuroCon
WHEEL OF TIME TV show confirms main castmembers
STAR TREK franchise reunited for the first time in fifteen years
BROKEN EARTH RPG in the works
Stephen King writing a new ending for TV version of THE STAND
J. Michael Straczynski & Brandon Sanderson developing a new urban fantasy TV show
Tom Shippey interview sheds more light on LORD OF THE RINGS: THE SECOND AGE
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS movie gets yet another creative shake-up
Joss Whedon's THE NEVERS announces cast
1981 version of STAR WARS gets a very limited re-release
LORD OF THE RINGS: THE SECOND AGE confirms full creative line-up
THE EXPANSE renewed for fifth season at Amazon
Producers confirm three-season run for HIS DARK MATERIALS
George Miller back at work on MAD MAX: FURY ROAD follow-up
DUNE wraps shooting, SISTERHOOD spin-off show gets writing team
Hulu developing new HITCH-HIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY TV series
First castmember confirmed for LORD OF THE RINGS: THE SECOND AGE
DUNE board game due in September
CBS reveals first details about STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS
Marvel reveal their movie and TV line-up for the next two years
AVENGERS: ENDGAME becomes the highest-grossing film of all time
THE ORVILLE moves from Fox to Hulu for Season 3
WATCHMEN TV series gets new trailer
THE EXPANSE Season 4 gets trailer, clip and airdate
Familiar faces join the crew in first STAR TREK: PICARD trailer
Harmony Gold and Tatsunoko Productions reach major new ROBOTECH deal
Netflix drops first trailer for THE WITCHER
STRANGER THINGS low-key renewed for a fourth season
The BBC unveils a new trailer for HIS DARK MATERIALS
Live-action WARHAMMER 40,000 TV series in development
TRANSFORMERS finally gets a movie-accurate Unicron toy
Taika Waititi to direct Thor 4, Akira put on hold
Amazon LORD OF THE RINGS presentation confirms Rings of Power focus

The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal
Community: Season 5
Empire of Grass by Tad Williams
Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik
The Leftovers: Season 1
Battles of Westeros
Dying Light: The Following

RIP Terrance Dicks
A Bit Closer to Heaven: A Max Payne Retrospective
George R.R. Martin in London
RIP Rutger Hauer
SF&F Questions: Which is the longest-running SF or Fantasy TV series?
Happy 50th anniversary to "Space Oddity"

Atlas of Ice and Fire
The Noble Housesof Westeros
Dragonlance: A Map of Ansalon
Stellar Cartography: Bajor
Dragonlance: A Map of Krynn
A Map of Osten Ard
A Map of Shadows of the Apt
The Wheel of Time Atlas: The Free Years

A Bit Closer to Heaven: A Max Payne Retrospective
SF&F Questions: Does human religion still exist at the time of STAR TREK?
Sequence Complete: The Empire Trilogy by Raymond E. Feist & Janny Wurts

Adam's Wheel of Television: On Casting the Man Alone

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