Monday, 16 December 2019

First DRESDEN FILES novel in six years will be released in July 2020

Ace Books have confirmed that the sixteenth novel in Jim Butcher's urban fantasy Dresden Files series, Peace Talks, will be released on 14 July 2020, after a six-year wait. The book's release will coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the series.

Butcher began publishing The Dresden Files in April 2000 with Storm Front. The books have been a huge hit, with sales approaching 10 million. Butcher released almost a book a year until 2014 when Skin Game was released, whilst also working on other projects.

The long delay for Peace Talks has been due to a number of personal crises, including building a new house and having to move into suboptimal temporary accommodation in the meantime. Butcher reported a few months ago that these problems had been overcome, leading to the book's completion.

Butcher is envisaging around twenty-three books in the series in total, and is hoping to return to a much more normal production rate from now on.

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