Thursday, 19 January 2012

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION re-assembled from scratch for Blu-Ray

Paramount have pulled out all of the stops for the forthcoming Blu-Ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation, going as far as re-assembling every single one of the 178 episodes from scratch.

Back in the day, ST:TNG was produced with all the raw elements (live action, model shots, visual effects etc) on film. However, these elements were then transferred to video tape before the elements were assembled into the final episode. The previous VHS and DVD releases came from this video master tape. Unfortunately, this wasn't going to cut it for Blu-Ray and HD, so Paramount had to go back to the original film rolls - stored for a quarter of a century in a salt mine in Pennsylvania - and basically re-assemble every episode from the ground up.

It's an impressive amount of work that, based on the video above, seems to have paid off.

A precise release date for the Season 1 Blu-Ray set has not been set, although I'd put money on it being September 2012 (the 25th anniversary of ST:TNG's first episode airing).


Anonymous said...

Meh, I read this the very day I got my TNG:The full journey set.

Bibliotropic said...

Definitely an impressive piece of work. Makes me wish I had a Blu-Ray machine so I could take advantage of what looks like a really well redone update to the series.

Unknown said...

All I can say is WOW. This is going to be awesome.

Jebus said...

I thought they were only doing a few random episodes or was that just for testing purposes? How can they make their money back by doing it to all of them, surely the Blu-ray demand isn't that huge?

Anyway, it sounds great. Am re-watching random eps on TV each week when I catch them and you can really see the poor quality of the transfer.