Sunday, 21 April 2013

WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE cover art and release info

Bantam have released some more info about The World of Ice and Fire, including the cover art and a confirmed release date of 5 November 2013.


Caligula_K said...

I'm still not sure why we're supposed to care about this product. If it came out after the series had been finished, sure, it'd be a cool book to have. But I'm guessing this won't be filling in the secrets of the backstory, and instead will be dedicated to heraldry and the history of tiny house x, which AFFC and ADWD gave me more than enough of.

Adam Whitehead said...

Apparently at least one notable fan-theory is put to rights in the books. Nothing massive (so almost certainly not Jon's parentage) but it sounds like it's something GRRM never intended which people have seized upon and become convinced is true over the years.

Beyond that, it fills in the backstory in more detail than the books do. It's optional, like the Robert Jordan one (though the Robert Jordan one did reveal several massive pieces of information that ended up being quite important in the final novel)