Friday, 15 December 2017

ALTERED CARBON "amberlit" for Season 2

Netflix seem to be showing a lot of confidence in their new science fiction series Altered Carbon, as they have already ordered preparatory work to begin on a potential second season of the show.

This isn't quite a greenlight for a second season as some venues are reporting - which would need to be formally announced, probably within a few weeks of the show's debut date - but could be called an "amber light", which means that the studio orders scripts, books studio space and invokes holding clauses in actor contracts but these can all be cancelled if they decide not to renew. In the case of Netflix, they tend to give their shows two seasons to prove themselves, so in this case it's less of a gamble. Also, contrary to some reports that have had Altered Carbon cited as Netflix's most expensive show of all time, the series budget is actually around $7 million per episode, the same as Sense8's first season three years ago (so with inflation it's slightly less). Although certainly not cheap, that's well down on Marco Polo's $10 million per episode or The Crown's $12 million.

Season 1 of Altered Carbon arrives on Netflix on 2 February 2018. Meanwhile, you can meet some of the cast via this panel from Brazil's Comic-Con.

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