Monday, 4 December 2017

Full trailer for Netflix's ALTERED CARBON released

After a couple of weeks where images, videos and GIFs for their new show Altered Carbon started leaking out, Netflix have finally released the first full and official trailer for the show, along with the logo.

Set in Bay City - a futuristic San Francisco - in the 24th Century, the series revolves around a former Envoy or mercenary named Takeshi Kovacs who is called in to investigate a murder. The murder victim has been reborn - "resleeved" - in a new body - and wants to find out who did it, and why given the pointless nature of the crime where people can be reborn from back up information and cortical stack implants.

The 10-part series is one of the most expensive shows Netflix has ever produced (outstripped only by The Crown, Marco Polo and Sense8). It is based on the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy by Richard Morgan, starting with the novel Altered Carbon (2002).

Altered Carbon will be released on Netflix on 2 February 2018.

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