Friday 28 September 2018

Where to Start: The Revelation Space Chronology (updated)

It's been nearly ten years since my first crack at a chronology for the Revelation Space series of novels and short stories by Alastair Reynolds. Since then some new books have come out and comments on the original article have revealed a couple of discrepancies which - hopefully! - have now been fixed.

Chronological Order

AD 2205: "Great Wall of Mars" *
2217: "Glacial" *
2230: "A Spy in Europa *
2358: "Weather" *
2427: The Prefect (aka Aurora Rising)
2428: Elysium Fire
c. 2500: "Diamond Dogs" **
c. 2511: "Monkey Suit" ***
c. 2513-40: "Dilation Sleep" *
c. 2520: Chasm City
c. 2540: "Grafenwalder's Bestiary" *
2541: "Turquoise Days" **
2524-2567: Revelation Space
c. 2600: "Nightingale" *
2605-2651: Redemption Ark
c. 2675-3000: Absolution Gap
2303-40,000: "Galactic North" *

* Story in Galactic North
** Novella in Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days
*** Story in Deep Navigation

Best Reading Order

Chasm City
Revelation Space
Redemption Ark
Absolution Gap
Galactic North
The Prefect (aka Aurora Rising)
Elysium Fire

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