Saturday, 29 August 2020

HIS DARK MATERIALS Season 2 gets trailer and launch window

Season 2 of His Dark Materials, based on the Philip Pullman novel The Subtle Knife, has a new trailer which confirms that the series should return in November.

Season 2 of His Dark Materials was filmed mostly before the first season aired, with a view to minimising the wait between seasons and also not running into the problem of the young actors growing up. Unfortunately, the global coronavirus pandemic has thrown the original plan - to base a Season 3 renewal on the Season 1 ratings and get filming again quickly - for a wrench. Although the show got very strong ratings in the UK on the BBC, its performance on HBO in the States was patchier and the critical reception more muted. It sounds like HBO will now judge their commitment to a third and possibly fourth season (the producers are considering the option of splitting an adaptation of the third novel across two seasons) on how the second season performs.

His Dark Materials is based on the novel trilogy of the same name. Season 1 adapted the book Northern Lights (known as The Golden Compass in the USA) and Season 3, if it happens, is expected to adapt The Amber Spyglass.

Pullman is currently writing the concluding novel of The Book of Dust, a new trilogy set both before and after His Dark Materials. The first two books, La Belle Sauvage and The Secret Commonwealth, are already out. The final book has the current working title The Garden of Roses.

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