Monday 13 April 2009

David Gemmell Legend Award finalists announced

The first David Gemmell Legend Award shortlist has been announced. The nominations are:

Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie
Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier
The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson
Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski
The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

Disappointing not to see Paul Kearney's The Ten Thousand on there, as it was both the best book of 2008 (although there wasn't much between it and Last Argument) and the most 'Gemmell-like' book on the list by miles. Also surprised not to see Peter Brett's The Painted Man, as he'd picked up a lot of praise and momentum along the way. My shortlist vote will definitely be going to Abercrombie, although it's nice to see both Sapkowski and Sanderson also nominated.

The Awards will be held in London on 19 June and I will be attending. There may be pictures.


Longasc said...

I do not know Brent Weeks, but I wonder that Juliet Marillier got nominated, especially as it is the "David Gemmell Legend Award". But maybe you can tell us some more about Brent Weeks...? :)

It is a tragedy that Paul Kearney does not get the recognition that he deserves.

In fact if I could award the D.G. Award, it would have been "The Ten Thousand" for sure. He has this understanding of war and cruelty, making every desaster something epic.

Joe Abercrombie is cool, he is a cynic and a joker, and this is not bad. But he has a very different style.

I guess he will win... Last Argument is not my favorite of his trilogy, but it is still extremely good.

But it is not David Gemmell style. I wonder how long it will take till people finally read Paul Kearney's novels. They definitely miss something.

James said...

As I wrote on my own blog I was really disappointed that Kearney didn't make the list. Not surprised at Abercrombie, Sanderson and Weeks making the list (all big authors with big internet presences, and - in the case of the first two - with decent books). A little surprised by Peter Brett's non-showing, thought he might make it. Not sure where Sapkowski came from, but he's huge in Poland so maybe that carried him (didn't think much of his first novel printed in English tbh).

Marillier? No idea where she came from.

As long as Brent Weeks doesn't win, I'll be happy.

Longasc said...

Sapkowski's "Witcher" Geralt is a troubled hero, people expect him to be a killer, but actually he cares for the monsters he is supposed to kill and tries to make peace between humans and monsters - and you can never be sure who is the villain, often both parties are flawed. Geralt is an outcast among humans and monsters alike, Sapkowski's stories often have a surprising turn of events. But all his witcher stories are usually very short, several of them usually make a book and there is only one than can fill a whole novel, and that is Blood of Elves. It is not the beginning of the Geralt-Saga, actually. Chronologically, at least. The german and the english translations shuffled the original release order of the polish novels quite a bit. Sometimes they also added or removed some stories to come to a certain number of pages.

I am right now trying to read Brent Weeks webpage, but it is loading very slow.

Francisco Norega said...

I wonder why was Marillier nominated.

She is the only one of the list that I know, and I can't understand why was she nominated for this award. She as nothing to do with Gemmel. -.-

Anonymous said...

In actuality all 5 of the nominated books have nothing to do with Gemellian book features.

The books which should have won this award are Ten thousand by Paul Kearney or The Painted man by Peter V. Brett.