Monday, 27 April 2009

Paul Kearney on his current projects

Over on Chronicles Network, Paul Kearney has commented on his current projects. At the moment, the Monarchies of God reprints are going ahead after a delay due to the publishers not being able to get hold of the original manuscripts. However, the final Sea-Beggars novel and the two new Macht books are currently up in the air due to the ongoing sale of Solaris. Once Solaris' fate is decided, there should be some more news on that front.

On a happier front, Paul also has some good news about his foreign sales in the same post, notably that a Spanish version of Monarchies is on the way (and given that Spain is an influence on some aspects of Monarchies, that is appropriate).

In the meantime, Paul is now also working on a new, non-fantasy novel.

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