Thursday, 15 August 2013

GAME OF THRONES deleted scene unveiled

HBO has released a deleted scene from the third season of Game of Thrones via YouTube as a (very early) preview of the third season DVD/Blu-Ray set. The scene, taken from early in the season, features a conversation where the disgraced Grand Maester Pycelle tries to convinced Lord Tywin Lannister to restore him to the King's small council.

The season will be released on home media on 18 February 2014.


Anonymous said...

My running theory is that they didn't include this scene because they wanted to leave it as a surprise that Pycelle convinced the Mad King to open his gates - which Jaime reveals in episode 5, "Kissed by Fire".

Judging from the dialogue in this scene, it happens quite early; Pycelle is asking to be restored to the Small Council, as Tywin has apparently only recently arrived in King's Landing - and the first (aired) Small Council scene of Season 3 was in "Walk of Punishment, episode 3. Or it might have just been cut for time (stupid really, given how talented both veteran actors are).

I hope we get more deleted scenes; particularly, Bryan Cogman addressed criticisms that Loras seemed surprisingly willing to have sex with another man after Renly in "Kissed by Fire", by saying he did *write* more scenes further explaining that Loras actually *is* mourning and he's just "drowning his sorrows" with some casual sex trying to feel better (and it doesn't work, he still feels like a shell of a person after losing Renly). But all of this had to be cut for time. And I understand that time constraints are what they are (particularly as "Kissed by Fire" was absolutely packed as an episode) -- nonetheless, I'm not sure if it was only "scripted" or "filmed but cut" - probably not even filmed. Still, it's good to have these.

Also my general view on deleted scenes remains "unless it outright contradicts other information from the TV series or books, it probably happened, just "offscreen" -- thus Doreah personally killing Irri probably shouldn't be considered canon, simply because it's too big of a departure -- while "Loras grieves for Renly as Margaery tries to comfort him" is indeed much more "canon" because it doesn't really change anything, it's just a character reaction beat.

--The Dragon Demands

Anonymous said...

Tywin's up to something fishy...