Friday, 30 August 2013

Peter F. Hamilton charity auction

SF author Peter F. Hamilton is auctioning off a copy of his next book, The Queen of Dreams, for charity. This will be a proof signed by Hamilton and also by the four children who inspired the main characters in the book. The cause is Hamilton's friend Kate Cadman, who is raising money to enter the London Marathon and run in the name of the National Deaf Children's Society. The auction will run for ten days from 1 September.

More information on Peter's site, the Unisphere and Kate Cadman's JustGiving page.


Wastrel said...

I don't mean this as a negative comment on the auction itself (almost no charity is a bad thing!), but I must admit I do find it amusing that we now live in a world where charity fundraising drives are held... to support charity fundraising drives.

Mark my words, ten years from now, X will be running a marathon to raise funds for Y to write a book to auction to raise funds fo Z to go to the north pole to raise money for A to film an amusing youtube film to raise money to allow B to run a fundraising dinner to allow C to create a series of cartoons to raise awareness for D's website that helps channel funds to E for their charity scuba-diving trip to raise money for F to buy the ingredients they need for a massive cake sale to help fund their mother's local bring and buy the proceeds of which go toward running a local whist drive and whip-around to...

Raquel said...

Nice! I wonder how low you can bid? Not that I could bid, but tis a worthy cause.