Sunday, 13 December 2015

You can buy STAR WARS oranges

As a sign that the merchandising for The Force Awakens may have gone a tad overboard, Disney have released Star Wars-themed oranges for sale. Behold:

Guaranteed to boost your midichlorian count.

They're oranges. I was thinking maybe each orange had been carved into a replica of the Death Star, but no, they're just oranges. The only Star Wars link I can find is that BB-8 is on the packaging and he looks a bit like an orange, I guess? Maybe?

You can also get Yoda grapes.

"Nutritious, these are. Purchase, please do. A new conservatory, I needed. Just me not by my size, but paid, Yoda gotta be."

I'm going to extrapolate that the link here is that grapes are green, Yoda is green, etc.

The sales blurb:
Disney Consumer Products (DCP) brings the power of the Force to the produce aisle, unveiling new healthy Star Wars branded fruit and veggie offerings to celebrate the addition of Lucasfilm to The Walt Disney Company’s Healthy Living Commitment. Just in time for the December release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, families can enjoy Star Wars-themed bagged apples by Sage, citrus fruit by Dayka Hackett, carrots by Kern Ridge and grapes with Yoda-themed packaging by Four Star, which all meet nutritional guidelines put in place by The Walt Disney Company. A sampling of the new product line will be revealed at the PMA Fresh Summit Convention & Expo October 23-25 in Atlanta, Georgia (Booth #5129).

John T. King, vice president of licensing, consumables, Disney Consumer Products comments, “Supporting parents by offering healthy, nutritious options for their kids is of utmost importance to The Walt Disney Company and adding family-favourite Star Wars to our licensed fruit and veggies portfolio is a natural extension of our commitment in this space.”

More than 4.3 billion servings of Disney and Marvel-branded fruits and vegetables have been served in North America since DCP began tracking in 2006.
The prophecy has come true:

A Force Awakens flamethrower has not been officially confirmed at this time.

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