Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Scott Lynch update on THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES

Scott Lynch has posted an update on The Republic of Thieves to the Fantasy Faction website, amusingly in response to the question, "What books haven't you finished?".

The Republic of Thieves.

(I am so sorry. I simply couldn't resist. In the immortal words of my grandfather: "If you can't laugh at yourself, you're an asshole.")



P.S. It ain't the finishing that's the issue, it's the editing and the miserable damned anxiety attacks.

P.P.S. I'm working on both as you read this.

P.P.P.S. None of this is the fault of my editors or publishers. They have been patient and steadfastly helpful during a long difficult period of my life.

Based on Gollancz's prior information (in their 2013 catalogue) that Republic would be out in the summer if Scott finished before the end of January, and given that he has not finished, we can conclude that book will now not be out in the summer. In fact, at the moment a 2013 publication at all must be doubtful. Hopefully we'll have some better news soon.


Jesper Haglund said...

That's disappointing - I've been waiting for that book for a while.

Luckily, being a Wheel of Time reader has provided plenty of experience when it comes to waiting for books.

And to anyone who might get it into their heads to be upset with Lynch for not finishing, I'll only point out that anxiety attacks are frickin' debilitating even in small doses. At least he's not yet become the Jakob Hellman* of fantasy fiction.

*Swedish pop-singer who released an absolutely amazing album in 1989, was raised to the heavens by an unanimous (Swedish) music press, won every music award you could win in the country, sold a crapload of records, and got such performance anxiety we're still waiting for the follow-up.

Dave said...

To be honest I've pretty much given up on this series.

I don't blame lynch but it's been almost 5 years since I read book 2 and I've moved on.

Shane said...

Have to agree with Dave.
I feel really terrible for Lynch, but the series never got rolling enough to really sink its hooks into me. At least, not enough to make these delays worthwhile.
Hopefully he has a breakthrough and can get back on track, as I imagine these kind of delays are absolutely crippling to an author's career.

Elfy said...

I was pleased to see Scott post that and I am glad that he can deal with his condition to some extent. However it seems that the attacks and the edits on the book are related, and I doubt that we will ever see Republic of Thieves. Such a shame because the series had the potential to be truly great. I'm grateful we got two very good books at least.

Jordan said...

I feel similarly to Dave. I don't blame Scott either, but I can't help that my excitement for RoT has dimmed. It is going to take a lot for this series to regain my fanboy drooling. That being said, I wish Lynch the best, and I will still be buying the book when it releases.

Jeff said...

This makes me so sad, but I'm still pulling for Scott. I love his books, and I wish him the best. Given the wait we get between the arguably mental illness free GRRM, I'm willing to wait for Scott to fight through his issues.

Joe said...

If Scott doesn't launch this book for another three to five years, I will still be excited to pick it up. Scott is one of the BIG Fantasy Authors of this generation.

I hope that he gets better and wish him and his family the best. Getting better is the number one priority. We will be here with interest when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, being a Wheel of Time reader has provided plenty of experience when it comes to waiting for books.

The longest we ever had to wait between WoT books was 4 years (2005-2009), and that's because the author died and was replaced. Early books were yearly occurrences and even later books weren't really released much more than 2 years apart.

fran said...

Four years ago I would have agreed with the statement that Lynch was one of the big fantasy hitters but I'm in Dave's camp now, get well soon Lynch but too many false starts have really me feel cynical

Unknown said...

Confirmed to be released in October 2013 this is actually it guys