Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Making of XCOM have an excellent article here on the making of the recent strategy game (and my top game of 2012) XCOM. Lead designer Jake Solomon and head of Firaxis Sid Meier talk extensively about the game's nine-year development process, the multiple false starts on the project and how it only came together when they brainstormed ideas for a week whilst playing a board game version of the title.

Lots of great stuff there and confirmation at the end that an XCOM sequel is being looked at.


Paul Weimer said...

I need to find the time to get and play this, being a player of the original back in the day. I've heard good things about it from a gaming podcast I follow.

Longasc said...

This article is an excellent work of fiction, but why didn't they start with the live of his parents, how he always wanted to create a X-COM sequel the very moment he was born and so on.

To put it bluntly it's too much story and promo.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed X-Com as well. Currently playing Omertà: City of Gangsters. A cheap knock off, but turned based strategy. Only a few levels in and it is decent but not anywhere near the level of X-Com.