Wednesday, 28 February 2018

First images from the TV version of China Mieville's THE CITY AND THE CITY

Courtesy of Pan Macmillan, we have the first official publicity images from the TV mini-series version of China Mieville's The City and The City.

Tyador Borlu (David Morrisey) and Corwi (Mandeep Dhillon). Tyador is, presumably, in Ul Qoma and Corwi is in Beszel in this scene...despite them sitting right next to each other. The differentiation between the two cities will apparently be done though colour filters.

Based on Mieville's 2009 novel, the story is set in the cities of Beszel and Ul Qoma, which coexist at the same point in space and time after an unspecified existential catastrophe. A police detective is called in to investigate a murder which crosses jurisdictions between the two cities. As well as solving the murder, he must tread carefully around "Breach", the mysterious force which - brutally, if necessary - enforces the separation of the two cities.

David Morrisey as Tyador Borlu.

The TV mini-series adapts the book as four, 1-hour episodes. The series will air on BBC2 in "late spring", which we take to mean around May. Pan currently has a new TV tie-in edition of the book listed for release on 12 July, which doesn't quite track with the "late spring" date, but that date may be a placeholder until the BBC themselves confirm the airdate.

Lara Pulver as Katrynia.

The series stars David Morrisey (best-known, perhaps, as the Governor in The Walking Dead) as police detective Tyador Borlu, with Mandeep Dhillon (Some Girls) as Constable Corwi of the Beszel Policzai. Maria Shrader, Ron Cook, Danny Webb and Christian Camargo also star.

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This makes me remember the new tv series, Counterpart, with JK Simmons.