Saturday 24 March 2018

Cover art for Steven Erikson's REJOICE, A KNIFE TO THE HEART

On 18 October, Gollancz in the UK will be releasing Steven Erikson's first non-comedic science fiction novel. Entitled Rejoice, a Knife to the Heart, it's a story about first contact and survival. The cover art is below.

Erikson has previously written twelve novels and seven short stories in the epic fantasy Malazan Book of the Fallen setting, and is working on a new novel in that setting, The God is Not Willing, which will open a new trilogy, Witness, about the popular character of Karsa Orlong. He has also written an SF novella, The Devil Delivered, and a mainstream novel, This River Awakes, as well as three short comedic SF novels, the Wilful Child trilogy.

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Unknown said...

Three Willful Child novels? Really? I loved the first two and was unaware that a third had been published...