Sunday, 28 October 2018

Fox TV developing a new DRESDEN FILES TV series

Fox 21 Television Studios is developing a new TV series based on The Dresden Files novels.

Previously, Lionsgate Television produced 12 episodes of a TV version of the books for the Sci-Fi Channel (now SyFy). The TV series was (very) loosely based on the opening books of the series, but were widely criticised for taking significant liberties with the background, lore and characters, as well as not faithfully adapting the novels. Particularly criticised was the decision to adapt the first novel in the series, Storm Front, as a movie-length pilot and then cutting it down to 45 minutes and placing it eighth in the running order, which rendered some of the plotting nonsensical.

Butcher has produced fifteen (of a planned twenty-three) novels in the book series since 2000, along with numerous short stories and comics. It's likely that any TV adaptation would adapt multiple books per season.

Fox 21 produces comments primarily for the FX Channel, although some of their shows have ended up on Showtime, Netflix and the USA Network. It'll be interesting to see what comes of this project.


Ryan said...

This might help explain why Peace Talks has been so slow to write. The Dresden Files is better suited to TV than most, however the first books are much weaker than the later ones so we will have to see if they can tighten up that part of the story.

Unknown said...

So looking forward to this. And although, as with many authors, YES the first books are a bit weaker - the best ones show up around five or six - I still think the first stories themselves are GREAT. It's the character himself - or themselves - that are weaker. But guess what? With developement of over 10 books ... some of that can be put in earlier. Not all of it of course, but once Harry's character was stronger (stabler) can be implemented.

I seriously hope that a)Bob is what he's SUPPOSED to be and that b) This does NOT get put onto Showtime, or I'll NEVER get to see it. Netflix or something that later puts their seasons ONTO Netflix would be best.