Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A free Alastair Reynolds book for SFX readers

Readers of the UK's SFX Magazine (or, indeed, non-regular readers who want to pick up a copy anyway) have an interesting bonus in store for them this month. Issue 198 - on sale tomorrow in the UK - has a voucher which can be redeemed at any participating branch of Waterstones for a copy of Alastair Reynolds' House of Suns in mass-market paperback.

SFX has a RRP of £3.99, so even if you just get the magazine to pick up a copy of the book, you're effectively saving 50% off the cover price of the novel and getting the magazine free. Great news, particularly for me since I get SFX every month anyway, am a huge Reynolds fan, and hadn't previously gotten round to picking up House of Suns :-)


bloggeratf said...

I actually just put this down the other day. It was fairly standard Reynolds fair, except for the fact that the ending just felt so rushed. Had this book been 200+ pages longer it could have been great.

Adam Whitehead said...

That's interesting, considering the major criticism of his new book, TERMINAL WORLD, is that it's too long (which I don't agree with at all, but there you go).

Jeff said...

I personally loved this book. I like that it is self contained and the ideas and concepts in it were very interesting. I guess the ending was a little rushed after the lead up to it but it definitely does not spoil the novel as a whole, in my opinion, nor was it an unsatisfying ending.

The universe he created for this book could easily have quite a few more books as it feels like it has barely scratched the surface. I'm just impressed he felt the need to create an alternate universe to the one in his Inhibitor series.

Jay said...

House of Suns is my favorite Reynolds novel. However, You could call it classic Reynolds - slow to start, gets interesting 2/3 through and then just stops.

I agree Terminal World was too long with little payoff. It got really interesting 2/3 through and just stopped. Hrmm I see a pattern here..

Alex said...

Me in the library this lunchtime:

*picks up SFX
Oooh, a free book coupon!
*pocket coupon
*finish reading magazine
*stroll to Waterstones

I've only read Revelation Space, so this should be a good second read hopefully :)