Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New deals for Joe Abercrombie and Ian McDonald

One of the things to come out at the Gemmell Awards (apparently previously announced, although I couldn't find online confirmation) was that Joe Abercrombie has signed a new four-book deal with Gollancz. This deal with kick-off with a new stand-alone fantasy novel set in the First Law world (the previously-mentioned 'sort-of Western') and will be followed by, "Books, containing words and pages," according to Joe at the event. Joe also confirmed that The Heroes has had its second draft turned in and is well on course for meeting its January 2011 publication date in both the UK and USA.

There was also word that the US release schedule for Patrick Rothfuss' The Wise Man's Fear will be matched in the UK: if he hands the book in before September, the book will be released in Spring 2011. Any later than that and it will fall back to Autumn 2011. They also hope to have a final date for Scott Lynch's Republic of Thieves in the near future, but Spring 2011 remains the hoped-for (but definitely not set in stone) date for that book as well.

Meanwhile, Ian McDonald has signed to write a YA title for Pyr Books in the USA.


Den said...

Adam! Great to meet you the other night. Loving your work.

Hope to bump into you and Sarah again soon!



Anonymous said...

WOAH!!! ian mcdonald doing a YA NOVEL!!!!!

if anything, hopefully it will be like stephan deas's the theif-takers apprentice, which from what I heard is going to take a grittier, more grim direction for YA fantasy [which I personally think is what YA fantasy needs]. but im still at awe about the news. hope it works out. [and I dont know about adam but has anybody noticed that more adult fantasy writers are getting into YA].