Saturday, 5 October 2019


A trio of hot new trailers for upcoming SF TV shows has arrived.

First up is Season 4 of The Expanse, which arrives on Amazon Prime Video worldwide on 13 December this year. The fourth season of the show - probably the finest drama currently airing - draws on the fourth novel in James S.A. Corey's book series, Cibola Burn, but also elements of the fifth, Nemesis Games. The Expanse has already been renewed for a fifth season.

Star Trek: Discovery has also revealed the trailer for its upcoming third season. Following the events at the end of Season 2, Discovery and her crew have been blasted forwards to the 33rd Century to find a very different galaxy, where the Federation apparently no longer exists. As a few viewers have noted, this premise is rather similar to Gene Roddenberry's pitch for a post-apocalyptic Star Trek series he developed in the 1980s, which eventually reached the screens (with a change of setting) as Andromeda (2000-05). Discovery isn't expected to air until after Picard, meaning it'll be down for a likely Spring-Summer 2020 debut.

Star Trek: Picard's first season arrives on 23 January. It will air on CBS All Access in the United States and on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. It sees Patrick Steward return as Star Trek mainstay Jean-Luc Picard, now a retired Starfleet admiral living on his home farm in France. A mysterious young woman turns up asking for help, which sees Picard recruit a crew of humans, Vulcans and Romulans and, with some help from Voyager's Seven-of-Nine (Jeri Ryan) and his old executive officer William Riker (Jonathan Riker) and former counsellor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), sets out for another adventure.

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