Friday, 31 January 2020

Early DUNE footage gets a positive reception

The first footage from Denis Villeneuve's Dune has been screened at a film festival in Paris and the reception has been largely positive.

The film only wrapped shooting a couple of months ago and the crew are now deep in post-production on the film, with elaborate effects sequences needing to be added. The footage seen in Paris was mostly missing effects footage and only had a temp score, but viewers drew a comparison between the material and the early screenings of Lord of the Rings material back in 2001. Attendees also got their first glimpse of the new Dune logo (not shown here as it's being taken down at a rate of knots).

Villeneuve's movie only adapts the first half of the first book, with a sequel dependent on the success of the film.

Dune will be released on 18 December this year.

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insurrbution said...

Opening weekend for me: in UltraAVX (4K and Dolby Atmos). With netflix, Crave and Disney+ I go to the cinema a max of 5 times a year - since the Infinity Saga concluded.

I have high hopes for this.