Monday, 12 July 2010

UK cover art for Joe Abercrombie's THE HEROES

The previously-unveiled UK cover for The Heroes was a placeholder reusing some of the art elements from Best Served Cold. For the first time, here's the current draft of the actual cover itself:

Nice. Obviously in a similar vein to Best Served Cold, with a weapon and a map, but it works quite nicely. The Heroes is due for release on 20 January 2011 in the UK and a few weeks later in the USA.


jamie said...

So is this set in the same world as The First Law Trilogy and Best Served Cold then?

Adam Whitehead said...

Yup. It's set in the North and sees another conflict between Union forces and a group of Northmen. Some FIRST LAW and BSC characters feature.

Jens said...

Is nice, I like!

Nice cover art, indeed.
I very much like the style of the cover art they're using for entire series.
I guess if you look at them ten or twenty years from now, they should've aged much better than the omnipresent hooded figures! ;-)

Jens said...
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Anonymous said...

Somewhat off-topic, but your link to Joe's website is broken. (in the sidebar)

Anonymous said...

do you know if logan bayaz or glotka are going to be returning in this book