Friday, 17 May 2019

New HIS DARK MATERIALS trailer reveals the daemons

The BBC and HBO have dropped a new teaser trailer for His Dark Materials, their TV adaptation of the Philip Pullman trilogy of the same name.

The new trailer shows off the daemons (animal familiars) of the main characters for the first time. It also confirms that the armoured bears will appear in Season 1. With the show planned to adapt the three books over five seasons, it was unclear if the bears would be included in the first season.

The trailer also shows scenes that appear only at the very end of the first novel in the series, Northern Lights (retitled The Golden Compass in the USA for no readily apparent reason), suggesting that perhaps they have rethought the five-season strategy and might be considering a shorter run.

His Dark Materials has already been renewed for a second season, which is expected to enter production soon. Season 1 is expected to start airing in October or November this year.


Yeebo said...

The first book in that series is wonderful. The second is still good but feels like it's going off the rails a bit. The connection to the events of the first book also seems oddly tenuous. By the time you get to the third, it feels like you have wandered into some entirely different series that happens to have a few characters in common with the first book. The ending is also a bit anticlimactic and depressing.

I don't envy anyone that wants to faithfully adapt the entire series for mainstream consumption.

DarkX2 said...

I so hope, that they stay truthfully to the original vision of the book and showing the church as an organisation, that does very questionable things.

This book started my journey into leaving the church.