Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Gratuitous Hugo Nomination Post

I left this way too late last year, so this year I'll mention it a bit earlier. Dragonmount has very generously nominated me for a Hugo Award this year, after George R.R. Martin did the same last year (GRRM, as toastmaster for WorldCon this year, has declined to offer any recommendations this year).

It turned out last year that I didn't make the shortlist by just 15 votes and I've been asked to make a bit more noise about it last year, which is a bit painful for me but okay.

So I'm eligible for Best Fan Writer and I believe that both The Wertzone and Atlas of Ice and Fire are eligible for Best Fanzine (which includes blogs). However, Atlas of Ice and Fire is fairly niche in its appeal and The Wertzone is what gets the bulk of the attention, so it makes the most sense to nominate that, if you feel my work last year was worthy!

To nominate, you must have been an attending or supporting member of Dublin WorldCon last year, and either a supporting or attending member at this year's WorldCon in New Zealand. The nomination form can be found here. If you wish to sign up as a supporting member of the New Zealand WorldCon for nomination purposes, you can do so here. This of course also allows you to nominate for all of the Hugo Awards, including Best Novel, Best Editor, Best Dramatic Presentation and so on.

My own nominations in the Best Fan Writer field would include Aidan Moher for his work principally at the Barnes and Nobel webpage (before it stopped freelance submissions last year) and Foz Meadows for her always on-point coverage of the field.


Laura said...

I've thought you and this blog were Hugo-worthy years before GRRM said so! 2019 was as excellent as ever.

Anonymous said...

Well deserved. The Wertzone has become my go to website on what to read next. Congratulations.