Tuesday, 29 December 2020

BABYLON 5 joins HBO Max in the US on 26 January

Classic science fiction series Babylon 5 will join HBO Max in the USA on 26 January.

The show has bounced around several different streamers in the last few years, most recently finding a home on Amazon Prime before being pulled a year ago. It's unclear if this version of the show will be the somewhat-nominally "remastered" version that's been cropping up on paid services recently, but it seems likely.

I have a recommended viewing order here for those planning to jump on the show for the first time.

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Jens said...

FYI: the link you're giving to your recommended viewing order jumps right past the optimal viewing order (as you called it) to the chronological one (at least in my browser). I suppose your readers are all clever enough to realize that but maybe you want to amend the link nevertheless. (The "#more" bit at the end seems to be the problem.)