Friday, 5 November 2010

Cover art for Sam Sykes's BLACK HALO

Once again, Geralt of Rivia (albeit looking distinctly less albino this time around) seems to have found his way onto the wrong book cover. In fact, this is pretty similar to the first book, except this time he's on a boat and the boat has been inundated with water which is on fire. Awesome. This is actually a striking cover image and is far more dynamic than the static cover of the first book, even if it is gratuitously OTT.

I think the Gollancz art department has been watching way too much of this music video recently (the cover seems to have been inspired by the inexplicable boat explosion at 1:51):

(thanks to Myshkin for pointing out the uncanny similarities)


Unknown said...

This one actually came as a result of the Pyr initiative. Gollancz is using it, though.

I quite like it. Chris Dane Owens is a guest star in the next book.

Adam Whitehead said...

As long as he still walks dramatically forward, thinks better of it, and decides to walk casually back into a massive fireball, that's great news :-)

Unknown said...

I think I'll try to include a pirate ship exploding for no immediate reason, either.

You will piss yourself with glee.

Cheerwell said...

Poor Geralt, he does get around a bit.

And in more than one way!

Unknown said...

That might be the greatest music video of all time. Should be coming to SyFy as a movie any day now.