Monday, 15 November 2010

More on the STALKER TV series

GSC, the Ukrainian outfit behind the STALKER game franchise and the forthcoming TV series, have spoken to Rock Paper Shotgun. The TV series will launch in 2012 alongside STALKER 2 and GSC are both funding the project and in total creative control of the series, which does not adapt the storyline from the games but is instead a new saga set in the same world, though some familiar characters are expected to recur.

Presumably not filmed on location at Chernobyl nuclear power station for reasons of the cast and crew not wanting their extremities to drop off.

Particularly interesting is the news that the STALKER spin-off books have sold 5 million copies and have been the #1-selling SF book series in Russia for the past few years. There's also apparently 45 of the things!

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