Thursday, 11 November 2010

WHEEL OF TIME gets its sixth consecutive #1 NYT bestseller

Back in 1998 the eighth Wheel of Time novel, The Path of Daggers, became the first book in the series to hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller lists. Remarkably, every book released so far in the series has managed the same feat and Towers of Midnight has made it six in a row. Even more startling is that Towers of Midnight sold 12% more copies than The Gathering Storm did in the first week and displaced crime mega-seller John Grisham's new novel from the #1 spot in only its second week on sale (last year The Gathering Storm knocked Dan Brown off the top spot, but that was after a much longer period).

Photo of Brandon Sanderson by John Sloan via Facebook, check here for the full-size version.

Congratulations to Brandon and everyone at Tor Books!


Brett said...

That picture makes me laugh, both for a WoT-related reason and a Legend of Zelda-related one.

"Brandon Sanderson found a bestseller!"

Phillip H. Tang said...

Strange how it took till book 8 to hit #1 because many people feel the series was already dragging along by that point.