Saturday, 20 November 2010

First peek at the new Judge Dredd

2000AD artist Jock has published the first picture of Karl Urban playing Judge Dredd. The new movie has just entered production in South Africa:

Interesting, and possibly more faithful to the look of the comic book than the 1995 Stallone movie.


Michael said...

I should really start reading some of the classic Judge Dredd comics. Is there a specific storyline that would be good to start with?

I barely remember the old movie but remember not being that impressed.

Adam Whitehead said...

I started with THE APOCALYPSE WAR (Mega City One engages in a nuclear exchange with East-Meg One) and was entertained by it, although the JUDGE DEATH and DARK JUDGES stories were better-written.

Kahless said...

THE CURSED EARTH is the daddy of all Dredd stories for me, even better if you can get hold of copies that still include the Burger Wars storyline.

Not that enamoured of the new look uniform and for some reason Karl Urban looks a little lost in it.