Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Belgian developers Larian Studios have announced that they are working on Divinity: Original Sin II and will be commencing a Kickstarter campaign for the game later this month.

Larian Studios began work on the Divinity franchise with the curiously-titled Divine Divinity, released in 2002. It was followed by an action-focused spin-off, Beyond Divinity (2004), a direct sequel called Divinity II (2009) and another spin-off, Divinity: Dragon Commander (2013) in which the player could engage in combat from the back of dragons. However, the company felt too constrained by budgetary limitations by working in the traditional publisher environment. In 2013 they embarked on a Kickstarter campaign to fund Divinity: Original Sin, a prequel to the rest of the series. This campaign was highly successful and the game, released in June 2014, soon attracted rapturous reviews.

Larian are currently working on Divinity: Original Sin - Director's Cut, a thorough reworking of the game which sees the entire game updated with full voice acting, as well as new quests, rewritten dialogue and descriptions and additional controller support. Divinity: Original Sin II is bigger news, however, with Larian claiming that they could have funded the game with the proceeds from the original game but wanted to go further and make something more ambitious.

If successful, Divinity: Original Sin II will likely be released in 2017 (although based on their speed and the fact some early work has already been done, a late 2016 release may be possible).

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