Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New trailer for SATELLITE REIGN

5 Lives Studios have revealed a launch trailer for their tactical cyberpunk game Satellite Reign.

Satellite Reign is a "spiritual successor" to the classic Bullfrog games Syndicate and Syndicate Wars, created by some of the same personnel. Like those games, Satellite Reign is played from an overhead perspective and is set in an enormous futuristic city. You can rearm and equip agents between missions as well as engaging in research. The game expands on Syndicate's combat-focused gameplay by allowing hacking, stealth and corporate espionage. Your agents are also now specialists, with some being better at certain tasks than others.

The game will be released for PC, Mac and Linux on 28 August. The funky soundtrack to the trailer is "Infiltrate" by Protector 101.

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